September 6, 2021

Wolverhampton Wanderers – Guess the First Scorer

Engage Audience Pre, During, Post event

Engage fans Pre-game, across multiple channels.

English Premier League team Wolves used the Campaignware self service platform to create engaging fan campaigns to drive social audiences to their website.  Wolves had a sizable audience on their club app which had some voting functionality but felt like they were missing a large amount of their fan base.

Wolves used the Campaignware Vote template, that can be used for a Man of the Match or a Predict the First Scorer campaign, as the entry mechanic, integrated the campaign into their website and traffic was driven from their social channels.

The same Campaignware campaign was integrated into their club website and their official club app via a simple iFrame embed code.  

Prediction campaigns are a great way of tapping into the pre-game excitement of fans and Wolves used this to great effect as they were able to run campaigns for the first Premier League games that allowed fans back into stadiums after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Football is nothing without the fans.

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