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Campaignware grew out of our experience working in digital marketing and digital agencies - we saw project after digital engagement project with price tags like $20,000 or $50,000. Such high price tags put these campaigns outside the scope of small and medium sized business. Digital agencies working on those projects would craft awesome ideas to engage and end up paying 60-80% of the project value to developers and keep relatively little for the true knowledge work behind the project’s success.  

There's a better way! Campaignware enables customisability with templated structures that ensures a high quality outcome for every campaign, with short lead times, and far lower costs.
Businesses of all sizes can now leverage the same powerful digital content that customers and prospects will happily interact with, to grow audience and sales.

Digital agencies can also use Campaignware to deliver super professional and high quality interactive content, and retain the lions share of the project fee for their knowledge work.

You can do that in full knowledge that service and customer success in our next-generation platform is our highest priority - with Campaignware, you can set a time to speak with a real person at any time. We’ll answer questions, help you set up campaigns, and strategise the best methods to meet your goals.
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Trusted by the best companies
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“We used Campaignware with a tier one client across both digital and TV, an unprecedented campaign for us as a publisher. The key objective was consumer engagement and that’s exactly what we got."
Neil O'Sullivan, Head of Branded Content, CBS Viacom

Our Mission

Campaignware is an interactive user engagement and insight platform for digital agencies and brands that use digital channels to engage their audience and to sell. While the platform scales seamlessly in helping enterprises and large organisation achieve audience engagement targets, we double down on optimising for digital agencies and SMBs.

What drives Campaignware? Increasing user engagement, ethically harnessing better data, and seeing our subscribers grow their online audiences and sales.

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Campaignware captures personal data, marketing and sales leads with user opt-in 10x better than the industry average through our unique ‘engagement to data’ process
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Break your reliance on social media platform audiences and build data that you own to future-proof yourself in the changing privacy landscape

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Leverage the power of capturing rich data profiles to convert and retain your community, discover hot leads, activate partner audiences  

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