November 15, 2023

Last Minute Christmas Campaign Ideas

Quick, easy and creative campaign ideas for this Christmas season.

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to connect with your fans, boost engagement and capture more valuable first party data through Christmas marketing campaigns.

However, as a marketing expert, you may find it challenging to come up with last-minute Christmas campaign ideas.

In this article, we will explore some simple but powerful ideas to help you create impactful campaigns and connect with your target audience during this festive season.

  1. Personalized Fan Experience Competitions:
    One way to make fans feel special during the holiday season is by offering personalized experiences. Consider running a contest where winners get an opportunity to meet their favorite players or attend a team practice session. Ensure that the campaign is interactive and encourages fan engagement through social media interactions, hashtags, and user-generated content.

  1. Christmas Prize Bundles:
    Take advantage of the spirit of gift-giving by creating exclusive holiday gift bundles for fans. Offer packages that include team merchandise, tickets to upcoming matches, and even signed memorabilia. Not only will this increase revenue during the season, but it will also leave a lasting impression on fans and encourage them to continue their support in the future.

  1. User Generated Content Competitions:
    Engage your fans on social media platforms with fun and festive challenges during the holiday season. For instance, you could encourage them to share their most creative holiday-themed fan art or pictures showcasing their team spirit. Offer prizes to winners and feature their submissions across your social media channels, showcasing the strong community support your team enjoys.

  1. Seasonal Spin and Wins
    Offer exclusive discounts or promotions for merchandising, match tickets, or merchandise bundles during the Christmas period. Promote these offers through targeted email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and updates on your team's official website. By providing incentives to fans, you can boost sales and encourage engagement during this festive season.

  1. Colouring Competitions
    Create a simple black and white stencil, and give kids the chance to download, colour it in, and submit it for their chance to win a prize. A simple and easy campaign to run that will also entertain kids over the holiday period!

Go one further and do one for the adults with an ‘ugly sweater�� colouring competition

6. Downloadable Wallpapers

Create some festive mobile and desktop wallpapers for your fans to download.

Combine them all into a “12 Days of Christmas” Advent Calendars
Create a destination page where a new competition, giveaway or experience is unlocked every day - using Campaignware’s “Omnihub.” Send an email, or make a new social post every day to drive your fans to the page.

With these last-minute Christmas campaign ideas, you'll be able to captivate your target audience, strengthen fan engagement, and increase revenue for your organisation during this holiday season.

The key is to personalise these experiences, tap into the festive spirit, and leverage social media to interact with fans. Let this holiday season be an opportunity to deepen the connection between your team and its supporters.

Happy Holidays and successful marketing campaigns!

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