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Campaignware is built to enable businesses of all sizes to create their own digital campaigns, at a low cost, with no coding required.

Pick a template and customise it, you can pick from our library of campaigns, add your branding, and get it to your audience in minutes - we take all the guesswork and tech out so you can focus on growing your audience.

Trivia and Quizzes
Feedback & Surveys
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Easy to set up and use, no code required

It's never been easier to create custom branded quizzes in a flash. No complex setups. No coding required.

It just takes these 4 simple steps...

Pick a template
Push to your audience
Integrate into your stack
icn "Campaignware was unprecedented for consumer engagement" - CBS Viacom
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Engagement Apps

Create fun, gamified content for your audience without code, complexity or custom builds using Campaignware’s pre-made engagement templates.

Save hundreds of dollars with just 1 platform - Campaignware Engagement Apps.

  • Voting and polling
  • User generated content
  • Competitions and Sweepstakes
  • Spin-to-win
  • and more
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Connect with over 2000+ apps

Go further with your automation efforts with our Zapier Integration. Connect with more apps through Zapier across email marketing, social media, customer support, CRM & more.

+2000 more

Quiz and Trivia Apps

Create simple and engaging trivia and quizzes for your audience, without coding or complexity.

Use CTA buttons to push your desired outcome.

Save hundreds of dollars with just 1 using Campaignware Quiz and Trivia Apps.

  • Trivia
  • Outcome Quizzes
  • Personality Quizzes
  • Product Finder Quizzes
  • and more
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What Our Customers Say

“We used Campaignware with a tier one client across both digital and TV, an unprecedented campaign for us as a publisher. The key objective was consumer engagement and that’s exactly what we got."
Neil Sullivan
Neil O'Sullivan, Head of Branded Content
CBS Viacom
"I’m getting great results for my clients. We are constantly asked for cool digital campaigns but budget or timeline restraints means we're unable to build something bespoke.  Campaignware lets us be agile and fast to market - the building blocks are there."
Kris McFarlane, Managing Director
Hilltop Media Group
"Campaignware's solution for our Pick My Club comp provided two key features not available in our previous platform, visual voting options and incentivised shareability. Both have been key in the success of our campaigns. We love how the back-end reports explain exactly how things are tracking."
Amber Wayn, Digital Marketing Executive
Hawthorn Football Club

Creating digital content has never been easier

campaignware says no no no to this

The old way: Expensive dev

Developers & coding
1 - 2
Brainstorm ideas
2 - 8
Get Budget
6 - 12
develop Content
2 - 6 months
Total Time To Deliver Interactive Content
campaignware says no to this
- Scope your campaign, find a developer to build it.
- Spend tens thousands of dollars for just 1 campaign.
- Get a one-off solution that can never be reused.
- Get unpredictable ROI and murky analytics.

Using Campaignware

Very Fast
no coding
free or low cost
Choose Template
15 minutes
Total Time To Deliver with Campaignware
campaignware says yes to this
- Pick from our playbook of pre-made campaigns templates.
- Leverage our expertise over thousands of campaigns and millions of collected data points.
- Create the campaign in minutes, replicate with one click
- Integrate your captured data into your CRM or marketing suite
- Grow your marketing list like never before.

Form Builder

Replace Google Forms or Typeform with our simple form builder to create branded forms that live on your own website.

  • Voting and polling
  • User generated content
  • Competitions and Sweepstakes
  • Spin-to-win
  • and more
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It takes seconds to embed feedback forms and surveys to your website

Just copy and paste our code onto your website, and then you're ready to collect data.

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Copy and paste our campaigns anywhere without plugins or integrations.

Surveys and Feedback

Put your finger on the pulse of your audience with easy to create surveys, registrations, feedback forms and NPS campaigns.

Replace 5 solutions with just 1 using Campaignware Feedback Apps.

  • Trivia
  • Outcome Quizzes
  • Personality Quizzes
  • Product Finder Quizzes
  • and much more
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Other great features


Embed anywhere

Publish on Campaignware or embed in your website

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Built in analytics

See campaign performance in real time with your owned data

icons GDPR v4

GDPR compliance

Campaignware is fully configured and ready for your GDPR compliant content


Integrations and Segmentation

Segment your audiencem then integrate into over 2000 applications

Campaignware's pixel is world beating and fully GDPR compliant

Lead scoring and tracking

Rich data gathering for customer insight and hot leads

Campaignware is multi language for quizzes and polls in Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, German, English, and more

Multi language

Create campaigns in Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and 10 more