September 1, 2021

Wigan Warriors Rugby League: Pick Your Warriors XII

Digital content to engage remote audiences during the pandemic

Be part of the fan conversation, capture data and build out a robust fan database.

Betfred Super League team Wigan Warriors used the Campaignware self service platform to create engaging fan campaigns to activate sponsorships and drive anonymous social audiences to their website.

Time and resource poor coming out of COVID-19 pandemic, the lean Wigan digital team were able to create 5 to 6 campaigns per month, including a Player of the Month vote, Predict the first Try Scorer and Squad Picker campaigns.  

The Pick Your Warriors XIII was a superb example of a club creating content for the fans and they got consistently high engagement and conversion rates.

Using the Campaignware Team Picker template, Wigan Warriors could duplicate this campaign on a weekly basis in less than 10 minutes and added thousands of new fans onto their database.

Pick Your Warriors XII

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