January 15, 2021

Sydney Sixers – Team of the Decade

Squad Selector Template

Sydney Sixers digital team used the self-service Campaignware platform to easily build a digital activation which gave fans a chance to vote for their Team of the Decade and share their team to any social channel.

Using the Campaignware Team Picker theme, Sixers were able to house the entry mechanic, in an engaging and visually appealing format, capture data and add thousands of opted-in leads to their database.

End users were taken through the simple 3-step campaign, asked to pick 13 players and leave their data to receive a personalised social tile with the team that

Greg Shipperd
Sydney Sixers Head Coach Greg Shipperd

Even Sydney Sixers Head Coach Greg Shipperd was excited by the campaign, saying;

“Looking forward to seeing Campaignware deliver their special brand of entertainment to the magenta Sydney Sixers fans.  Two leading teams getting together.”  

This is perfect example of a club offering their fans a highly engaging and personalised digital interaction, creating viral content and seamlessly delivering commercial outcomes for the club.

The Sixers definitely hit one for six here!

Sydney Sixers
Social Sharing Tile for the Sydney Sixers Campaign

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