April 27, 2023

St George Illawarra Dragons - Membership finder

Helping Members to choose the right membership package

NRL team St George Illawarra Dragons  have leveraged Campaignware’s Quiz builder to create an engaging, interactive Membership Quiz to help their fans find the perfect membership plan for them. 

By asking interactive and gamified  questions about their fans  interests and preferences, the quiz generated the perfect  personalised membership recommendation based on the fans inputs..

The quiz template allowed the St George Illawarra Dragons to create a personalised experience for potential members over the phone and other conversion methods, helping them find the membership package that best suits their needs - resulting in thousands of dollars of new membership revenue.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the quiz made it easy for users to engage and complete the quiz. 

As a result, the Dragons were able to improve their conversion rate and drive more sign-ups for their membership program.

Emily Cheyne, Head of Marketing and Insights said “The St George Illawarra Dragons have been utilising Campaignware to interact with our fans to assist in determining the best membership package for them.

Choosing the right membership can be difficult for fans.  Through Campaignware, we have been able to assist fans in making that decision, which has resulted in an increase in new members and a different avenue to interact and personalise our interactions with fans from our first conversation.” 

This solution is one of Campaignware’s most popular campaigns, and has been used by other clubs including Canberra Raiders, Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and many more.

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