May 10, 2022

Illawarra Hawks - Message of Support Wall

Turning a COVID impact into a feel good moment

National Basketball League club Illawarra Hawks had a rare treat for fans with 2 home games falling in between Christmas and New Year.  Attendances were expected to be record highs…until COVID reared its ugly head again and forced the games to be cancelled.   

The club and players were visibly disappointed with the news and the fans rallied around posting messages of support through social channels through a difficult time.  

The Hawks decided that the amazing level of support required some further recognition and using the Campaignware platform, they were able to execute on an idea in record time.  Turning around a campaign in less than an hour, using the Message Wall template

Fans came in their thousands to show their support and appreciated of the players and club.  Hundreds of heartwarming messages of support were moderated by the club and displayed on the campaign wall.  

This was a great enough execution if the Hawks stopped there…but they didn’t and some fans were treated by having their heroes read out their messages of support on a video that was shared hundreds of times across Facebook and got huge engagement through Instagram and Twitter.  

This is a perfect example of a talented content and marketing team using a moment in time and being agile enough to create something truly memorable for the fans.   

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