November 12, 2021

How to build a quiz for Wordpress, without a plugin

Best Wordpress Quiz Embed

Building custom quizzes for your Wordpress website is easier than you think

If you look at the Wordpress plugin directory, you’ll find 16 pages of plugins that claim to offer a way to embed quizzes in your Wordpress site.

A lot of them look great on the surface, lots of uses and high reviews. But the reality is that most are just glorified form builders.

Wordpress Quiz Plugins

The challenge for most Wordpress users is, which plugin is best.

What if the answer was … none of them?

An alternative to using a Wordpress quiz plugin

We’re all familiar with the drawbacks of Wordpress plugins:

  • Trial and error to find the one that really works for you
  • Having to constantly update
  • Unexpected compatibility issues
  • Poor branding options
  • Necessary features behind a paywall
  • Poor support from the developer

But using the Campaignware quiz builder avoids all these pitfalls. This will ultimately deliver a better experience for your audience. Campaignware is a continuously optimised platform to build quizzes that embed in Wordpress sites.

Here are two, free quiz making options found on the Campaignware platform:

The first is a trivia campaign:

Or this quiz, with conditional conclusions based on the user's selection:

These templates can be used to make Digital Escape Rooms, and much more, from our library of pre-made templates.

Campaignware platform to select your template or pre-made content campaigns

You know how to embed a Youtube video? 

If you can embed a YouTube video on your website, you know how to  embed the Campaignware widget. Here’s a quick video guide to help:

Best of all, you can use your quizzes to grow your email list as well.

What will you make? 

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