September 21, 2021

Flo Records

Build a Mailing List Fast

Create a digital presence and start building a database before investing in a full website.


Retail startup Flo Records, a market stall selling new and second hand vinyl records with aspirations of launching a full e-commerce store, used Campaignware to give the early stage business a digital presence and start building a targeted customer database. 


Flo Records placed a QR code at the point-of-sale, driving to a Campaignware Signup Form template offering a 10% discount for signing up to the database (Link to Campaign).  Capturing 1st party data such as name, email and phone number, as well as valuable consumer insights, such as music genre preference.  

Using the Campaignware auto-email functionality, Flo Records could instantly send an email to each customer as soon as they signed up with a list of their current stock, something that would be impossible to communicate to the customer at the point of purchase.  


Flo Records grew their customer database to hundreds of customers in the first months which has led to thousands of dollars of new revenue.

“Campaignware has been an effective and easy to set up tool for building our mailing list.  We set this data capture landing page up prior to building out a full website.  We drove traffic from our social channels and used a QR code on the stall.  We were able to grow our mailing list quickly with very little work and our new customers got a much better experience with an instant follow up. We are a very small team trying to do our retail startup differently and Campaignware has helped us continue to grow.”

Gary Ashton | Owner, Flo Records - Byron Bay

Flo Records

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