August 7, 2023

Sell More Tickets

How To Use Content To Sell Out Events

The venue is packed. Those first chords hit your ears and you immediately know: It’s your song, and you will never forget this moment.

Let’s explore answers to the most important question that anyone working in live events asks:

How do I increase my ticket sales?

In this article, you’ll learn how to ride the wave of pre-event excitement and use hype to your advantage to increase your ticket sales - whether it’s live music, sport, festivals or any other kind of live event.

Do Your Homework: Analyse Your Data

First, we need to understand our audience. It’s all well and good if Queen B can sell out within minutes of a ticket drop. But most events don’t work that way.

So ask yourself: Who am I selling to? When are people most likely to purchase a ticket?

  • Create more touchpoints: With prices rising, less disposable income, challenging parking situations, and time at a premium - many fans will need a gentle push to remind them why they should part with their money to attend. Creating additional hype through content to create FOMO (fear of missing out) is a crucial part of any good remarketing strategy.

This can be done through:

  • Analytics and behavourial data: Through tools like Campaignware's analytics you can identify trends and patterns through marketing touchpoints, with the ultimate goal to create a Single Fan Record.
  • Customised Offers: Tailor promotions based on fan preferences and behaviour.
  • Real-World Impact: Time promotions during peak engagement periods.
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Know your audience. Identify patterns through Campaignware's analytics tools.

The Event Will Be ‘Can’t Miss’, Why Showcase This In The Marketing Too?

With +60 templates to choose from, Campaignware is your digital playground to build memorable marketing campaigns through quizzes, trivia, polls, competitions, spin to wins, giveaways and much more.

With support for more than 14 languages, including Vietnamese, Thai and Hindi, creating cultural marketing touchpoints is just as important.


Both, Canberra Raiders and Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles have successfully used Campaignware's Membership Finder Quiz to learn about consumer behaviour and drive up ticket and membership purchases to increase purchase.

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Canberra Raiders (right) and Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles (left) using the Membership Finder Quiz

What It Comes Down To: It’s All About Incentives

But what about those who are not hardcore fans who come to every event, rain or shine? Through very little effort you can reach undecided customers also by offering irresistible incentives and sell more tickets.

Let's talk about prizes: There’s nothing wrong by offering a grand prize such as cash to one lucky winner, but it’s just as effective to offer smaller, lower-effort prizes such:

  • Ticket upgrades
  • Backstage experiences, or meet-and-greets
  • Signed memorabilia
  • In-venue vouchers or merchandise
  • Other money-can't-buy experiences like being the coin-flipper, at the coin-toss at the next home match?
CTA buttons and banners in your content provide an easy route to purchase whilst building on fan excitement

The Exclusives Club: Campaigns For Ticket Holders Only

Never underestimate the power of FOMO.

By running campaigns exclusively to ticket holders, you create a space where you have to purchase a ticket in order to win something special - further increasing the FOMO and impulse to purchase today.

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By creating a space solely for ticket holders, the motivation to buy a ticket becomes a completely different one.

User Generated Content, and Community: Building A Real-Time Connection

Tapping into large fan communities will also drive ticket sales in the long run.

  • Fan Community: Creating a Fan Message Wall for all fans inside and outside the venue.
  • Campaignware's Tools: The Content Wall Moderation feature lets you curate the content and keep it on-brand.
  • Real-Life Example: During the 2023 NBL Championship Series Fans of the Sydney Kings and New Zealand Breakers were able to leave their message of support by uploading photos and personal messages.
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Fans were invited to upload photos to show their and excitement for the event

Partnering with Relevant Media Outlets

Working with a media outlet (eg. a news site, publisher, media property or influencer) by creating by creating a targeted piece of interactive content that resonates their audience is an effective way to cross-pollinate audiences in order to capture fresh first-party data from a high value source, and creating new ticket sales opportunities at the same time.

Co-branded campaigns using Campaignware widgets, preloaded with CTA buttons and banners are an easy way to garner awareness for the brand, increase dwell time and user engagements, and provide clear purchase calls to action through buttons and banners.

This type of engagement can be 40% more effective than paid media or banner advertising, as the engagement and recall is much higher, whilst providing multiple new ways to retarget and remarket to that user - offering even more bites of the cherry.

Dell advertised and promoted a new line of XPS laptops through and ViacomCBS.


Simple, effective micro-content like Campaignware's pre-built templates are the key to unlocking elevated ticket sales. By utilising your existing data and building simple gamified experiences, incentives, exclusivity and fostering a strong fan community, you can drive ticket purchases and build meaningful fan engagement at the same time.

Happy campaigning!

Interested in running digital fan engagement campaigns and generating valuable leads? Discover how Campaignware can help you achieve your goals. With a suite of powerful tools and features, Campaignware empowers you to drive targeted marketing initiatives and optimise your campaigns for success. Request a demo today to elevate your fan engagement and take your sports marketing strategy to new heights.

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