November 18, 2021

Media Release: GameDay reveals partnership with Campaignware

Campaignware Partnership with GameDay

GameDay are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Campaignware, an interactive content creation and engagement platform provider.

The partnership will see GameDay and Campaignware work together closely to provide customers with a range of insights and solutions to enhance their digital output.

We will be releasing details of some exciting insights and content, developed in collaboration with Campaignware, very soon. This announcement will be made exclusively to members of the GameDay Community - sign up here to get early access.

GameDay is the leading provider of digital solutions, used by two-thirds of Australia’s sports participants and administrators - from grassroots to elite levels - across Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and New Zealand.

Campaignware is a free platform that enables rights holders of all sizes to create their own digital fan engagement campaigns, capture fan data, and activate sponsorships with no coding required. Users can pick from a library of campaigns and add their own customised branding, and embed campaigns into their own website or app.

Andy Graham, GameDay General Manager, said: “We are confident that the exciting plans lined up with Campaignware will significantly benefit new and existing members of the GameDay platform. Campaignware’s ethos of simplifying digital campaigns for all sectors is something we are particularly keen to transfer to our own stakeholders, from grassroots right the way through to elite sport. We are confident that our upcoming announcements will have a profound impact on the people we continue to serve.”

Adam Mussa, Campaignware Founder, said: “We’re delighted to work with GameDay to make elite level digital and marketing tools available to every rightsholder. Combining GameDay and Campaignware’s industry leading tools, we’ll help rights holders thrive in 2022 and beyond.”

About GameDay

GameDay have been providing next generation sports technology solutions in the Australian market since 2001 and have extended the key markets they work in across the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. GameDay provides membership, competition, and event management platforms, and various website, e-commerce and auction fundraising solutions to the sports community.

About Campaignware

Audience building, reimagined. Campaignware grew out of experience working in digital marketing and digital agencies. Substantial project price tags meant they were often unsuitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Campaignware enables free access to 50+ fan favourite campaigns including voting, squad predictors, quizzes, leaderboards and more, coupled with branding customisability to ensure a high-quality fan experience for every campaign, with short lead times, and far lower costs. Rightsholders, organisers and sponsors of all sizes can now leverage the same powerful digital content that customers and prospects will happily interact with, to grow audience and sales.

Get started for free today.

Article originally published by GameDay

For more information about Campaignware, please visit their social channels:

➔Twitter: trycampaignware
➔LinkedIn: Campaignware

For more information and interviews, please contact:

Daniel Bignell
Senior Sport Specialist (EMEA), GameDay
Phone: +44 (0) 7802 863901

Adam Mussa
Founder, Campaignware
Phone: 04155 44562

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