May 25, 2022

Manchester United x SportsBreaks - Matchday Routine

Fan-Generated Content to celebrate attending live sporting events.

In a post-pandemic world, some things will never be taken for granted again.  Enjoying live sport surrounded by thousands of fans is definitely one of them.  

For many Manchester United supporter, watching a match at Old Trafford surrounded by 75,000 fans is a unique and emotional experience that most will only ever dream of experiencing themselves.  

SportsBreaks and Manchester United wanted to tap into this fan passion for live sport but also take it one step further and speak to United fans all over the world who will have a very different matchday experience to those at the stadium.  

Using the Campaignware User Generated Content Wall template, fans from all parts of the globe were asked to detail their routine on a matchday, share photos, videos or a simple text message.  

SportsBreaks then curated the best submissions using the Campaignware Content Moderation functionality, ensuring that no inappropriate content was shown on the wall for all the other fans to view.  Something that would be close to impossible to police using a hashtag competition through social channels. 

SportsBreaks cast their net wider than ever before and grew a targeted database of fans living outside of Manchester to communicate travel packages.  Fans from far reaching countries such as Uganda, Peru, Australia and Indonesia shared wildly varied experiences with accompanying photo or video submissions. 

We hope that live sport will never be taken away from us again and thousands of United fans agree.

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