Wests Group x Coca-Cola - Spin and Win

Our clients regularly tell us how Campaignware is having a genuine impact on their businesses and it’s this positive feedback that continues inspiring us to make our platform even better each and every day.

Having worked with us for over two years, The Wests Group - owners of National Rugby League (NRL) side Newcastle Knights - are no strangers to our product, and have been reaping the rewards that it offers for some time now.

Recently, we caught up with our friends at Wests, to find out how they have been leveraging Campaignware to provide value to one of their partners, Coca-Cola.

The Challenge

There were a few objectives in mind for the Wests’ Digital Marketing team in their most recent campaign. 

The headline goal was, of course, to make a difference for their partners, Coca-Cola, which, in this instance meant boosting sales of their products across five different Wests venues. 

But, given they would need to rely on their loyal membership base to achieve this, the Wests team saw an opportunity to also enhance engagement and update their Members’ details in the process. 

Come for one objective and stay for the hat-trick - that’s what we like to hear.

The Solution

It’s no secret that any marketing campaign hoping for any meaningful success needs to offer something of value to the target audience. And there’s nothing more crowd-pleasing than the chance to win free prizes.

In this campaign, that’s the road that Wests drove down, offering their members the opportunity to get their hands on official Newcastle Knights 2024 merchandise and products from partners Coca-Cola. This included Home Jerseys, Bucket Hats, Can Coolers and Coca-Cola soft drinks.

As always with competitions and giveaways, brands face the challenge of striking the balance between achieving their business objectives while also providing a low barrier to entry for the fans and making it an engaging experience.

And Wests got that bang on here. To enter, all you needed to do was buy a Coca-Cola variety soft drink product from any of Wests’ five venues, then scan your member card and enter a handful of details to enter the game. Members were then presented with our fan-favourite Spin & Win page, where they could simply spin the wheel and quickly find out if they were a lucky winner.

The campaign was promoted and amplified across Wests and Knights digital channels, which included their respective websites, socials, as well as through email marketing to members and prospects. Signage within all of Wests’ five clubs also displayed the promotion on electronic screens and points of sale. 

Table-talkers were placed around the venues

The Results

All that sounds good on paper, but any sport fan will be acutely aware that ‘the game isn’t played on paper’, and it’s results that matter.

Well, the good news is that Wests played a blinder here. By covering the campaign promotion from all angles, including running display banners on the popular Knights website which landed over 200,000 impressions alone, they gave themselves the best possible chance of success.

A banner ad promoting the campaign enjoyed a prime piece of real estate on the Newcastle Knights website

With over 1,000 entries - nearly 800 of them unique - they successfully boosted Coca-Cola product sales, engaged their members and also used the opportunity to update membership details internally. A win-win for all parties.

And they did so with a low-cost, highly efficient and fully customised approach, leveraging the no-code, high-value platform that is Campaignware.

We’ll leave you with the words of Carolina Mejia, Digital Marketing Manager at The Wests Group, whose fingerprints were all over this successful campaign:

“Creating the campaign to boost the sales of Coca Cola products in our five clubs with the Campaignware platform was a breeze.
The user-friendly design and comprehensive features made it simple to craft an effective and engaging campaign with the Wests members and the support from the Campaignware team to add some bespoke requirements was amazing. The platform's ease of use and efficiency truly exceeded our expectations.
Highly recommended for any organisation looking to simplify their campaign process!”

Wests Group x Coca-Cola - Spin and Win

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