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Create polls, quizzes, on Campaignware - including Friends TV Show Personality Quiz

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Feedback Forms - Free Feedback Templates

Listening to customer and client feedback is one of the most important things you can do as a business. So many companies proclaim to listen to their customers, but how many actually do? A feedback form could help satisfy your audience and grow your customer base.

feedback form template

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feedback form template

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What is a feedback form? 

A customer feedback form is like an evaluation form. You can collect customer feedback and opinions about your service. Whatever service you're offering, understanding the overall customer experience is crucial. It's an easy way to collect targeted data about your performance. It enables you to improve all areas of your business.

Use a customer feedback form template to identify areas of improvement and reach your business goals sooner. 

What should you include in your feedback forms?

Your customer feedback form should offer a clear, concise, and user-friendly experience. You want to collect the essential information to improve your business as easily as possible. We offer feedback template forms to help you put together a comprehensive form. 

You need to determine the type of feedback you want. Here are a few potential aspects to include:

  • Targeted questions: These will result in most of the information.
  • Comment boxes allow customers to engage and offer their own comments that the above questions might not allow.
  • Contact information: Understanding who offers what information will help you analyse the results. 
  • Satisfying rating: This will enable you to gain a comprehensive insight into your business' reputation.

Why do you need a feedback form?

If you never listen to customer feedback, you'll never learn how you can improve. Instead, you'll blindly put products and services out into the world. Not only will you miss negative comments, which you can use to avoid future customer complaints, but you also won't know what you're doing well. 

While there are other metrics you can use to judge your business' performance, you can complete the picture if you collect customer feedback. You can place feedback forms on your website, post them, send emails, and via phone calls. The format depends on the type of feedback you're requesting and your business model. We can help you put together an online form.

How to easily create an online form

It's straightforward to create a basic feedback form template. Use our form builders to drag and drop the form fields you want to include and embed your new form on your website. 

Keep it short

Your customers' time is valuable. If you spend too much time asking irrelevant questions, the customer will abandon your online feedback form. Conditional logic is the best way to ensure the customer only ever sees the relevant questions. 

For example, if the form asks, "Have you used X product?" and the answer is "no," the person won't see the follow-up questions about X product. If the answer is "yes," they will see dynamic questions about the product.

Keep it simple

Too many questions can intimidate your audience, and the complexity of your form fields can also scare off potential feedback. Make sure your website feedback form is clear and concise. Use simple sentences and straightforward phrasing. If your customer doesn't understand what you're saying, they won't offer helpful feedback.

Furthermore, stay away from leading questions. If you ask, "You are satisfied, aren't you?" you're more likely to get a biased response. While it might satisfy your ego, it won't be valuable data.

Make the experience seamless 

The more candid gathering feedback is for the customer, the more people will fill out your form. For example, if you want customer service feedback, ensure the survey pops up within the chat channel. If you send them a follow-up email, fewer customers will take the time to click on the link and provide feedback.

Interacting with customers on their chosen channel will result in far more responses than if you ask the customer to go out of their way.

Consistent rating scales 

If you include rating scales on your feedback forms for customers, make sure the scales are consistent between questions. If the scale is between 1 and 5 for one question, make sure it's the same on all questions. It can confuse customers and lead to incorrect data. 

It would be best if you didn't offer a pre-selected answer. Instead, when gathering customer feedback, stay open to all positive or negative responses.

Personalise your request 

Try to create a personalised form for each customer providing feedback. Use the information you know about their purchases to achieve a better relationship between them and the brand. For instance, you might phrase the opening to an email with their name and details of their recent experience with your company.

Feedback form examples

There are many ways you can gather customer feedback, whether it's in a pop-up, chatbox, or email. Additionally, there are different feedback forms for different situations. Each varies in form, format and uses. Here are some feedback form examples.

  • Customer satisfaction survey: To determine how products or services meet customer expectations.
  • Human resources form: Internally, companies want to understand how employees value their management.
  • Testimonial from: Asking customers to offer a review or recommendation to promote your services to others.
  • Suggestion form: Open-ended feedback form asking for suggestions to improve service.
  • Teacher feedback forms: After a class, training session, of course, teacher feedback can help improve ongoing learning.
  • Customer service form: Specifically asking a customer about one aspect of the business, the customer service. 
  • Product feedback form: Specifically asking a customer about one part of the business, the products sold.
  • Complaint forms: When a customer makes a complaint, a form can help you solve the issue more quickly. 

Each industry might have different requirements. A restaurant feedback form will ask different questions to a school program feedback form.

Types of customer feedback form

What types of customer feedback forms might you need? Check out our online form builders, or use an evaluation form template to create your next form quickly and easily. 

Simple feedback form 

A simple form might be anything from event feedback to a student feedback form. If you need quick, straightforward feedback, you might ask five questions with a scale rating of 1 - 5 for customers to offer categoric feedback. They should be short and sweet - getting the general gist of customer or student feedback.

NPS survey

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. NPS surveys are one of the most reliable indicators of customer satisfaction. NPS feedback surveys rely on one question:

"On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us?"

An NPS survey form is so quick and offers a concrete number, making it a handy tool for marketers. However, if you want more detailed feedback, you might also ask customers to complete a product survey.

Training feedback form for employees

Training feedback is essential to determine employee satisfaction. Feedback helps the trainer and employees grow and improve. You might ask for course evaluation and employee feedback during the course and provide a training feedback form at the end of the training session. 

An employee feedback form might ask about any aspect of the training, such as content presentation feedback.

Customer satisfaction survey 

A customer satisfaction survey can include an NPS survey template and other questions to collect data. The aim is to understand overall customer satisfaction and gain actionable feedback. Curate questions that determine your customer's opinions, needs, and potential problems.

Creating your own feedback request forms will enable you to include different types of questions specific to your business.

Website feedback form 

Many businesses place pop-ups collecting feedback forms directly on their websites. A good site is all part of the user experience. Therefore, a website feedback form is as vital as a customer satisfaction survey.

Online form templates

Get started with our online feedback form templates. Campaignware has a template for all business forms. Choose from our samples of feedback forms and attach a contact form to boost lead generations.