Sydney Sixers - In-Stadium Digital Collectables

Sydney Sixers - In-Stadium Digital Collectables


Big Bash champions, Sydney Sixers used Campaignware's template to provide a digital collectible at each round of the Big Bash, exclusively available at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground.)

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The Sixers aimed to significantly increase their in-stadium experience and were looking at ways to encourage fans, and specifically families, to get to the stadium earlier. ��

Using the Campaignware Form template, Sydney Sixers created a campaign that was genius in its simplicity and innovative in its execution.  Creating a series of signed player JPG’s, which were put behind a simple data capture form to access.  

Sixers then placed the QR codes at different locations around the stadium so fans would need scan multiple QR codes to collect them all, adding a clever bit of gamification to the entry mechanic and asking different questions at each stage to gather some valuable fan insights.

We absolutely loved this campaign.  It had high tech similarities with NFT’s and Pokemon Go but required as little as 5 minutes to build each campaign out in Campaignware.  

The Fans were the real winners, getting a unique in-stadium experience through the game element and a cool signed player collectable.

Sydney Sixers then received a detailed report from thousands of entries, which included 0 and 1st party data captures from the lead form.

Sydney Sixers - In-Stadium Digital Collectables

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