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Personality Quiz

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The easiest way to build out a personality quiz for TV Characters, Sporting stars and much more. Build using a simple framework and fully customise to your brand style, logos and fonts.

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Create a personality quiz

What is a personality quiz? It's one of the most popular quiz types for a reason. Quiz takers answer a few questions to learn more about themselves. When someone understands their personality type, they gain more self-awareness. And as for the quiz makers, you're creating strong brand association by building trust.

Adding a personality quiz to your website will help you grow your audience, engage your visitors, and gather more leads online. Plus, you can improve your marketing strategy. As your audience learns something about themselves, you'll also get to know them yourself. Accordingly, you can segment your email lists and send dedicated effective content. 

What should you include in a personality quiz?

As with any person's quiz, you'll find quiz templates available online to help you construct the perfect personality quiz for your website. But, what goes into your personality quiz? While you can create unique and tailored quizzes, there are a few essential elements you'll find in most personality quizzes.

  • Questions about the audiences' preferences, behaviour, and thoughts
  • Results categorising each participant into a personality type - these can be anything. For example, you could use movie characters, scientific personality types, or animals. Try to use options that relate to your business. A camping shop might categorise its audience as campers, caravanners, hotel-users, etc.
  • Links to your business' services and a contact form to grow your leads.

Why create a personality quiz? 

Everyone loves a trivia quiz. It's fun, interactive, and insightful. Depending on your questions and answers, you could take the internet by storm. They're helpful from a psychological and marketing perspective. 

Here are some reasons a test maker should keep in mind. 


In essence, personality quizzes aid self-realisation and self-actualisation. They provide individuals with self-knowledge. Quiz creators offer the opportunity to give users an insight into their personalities. For example, if the results show you are a particular TV character, you can see yourself objectively. 

Test makers rely on your new understanding of yourself to promote their services or products. We all have the desire to understand ourselves better. As a result, audiences pay more attention to companies that speak to our interests and unique personalities. When the company understands more about each customer, it can offer a tailored marketing campaign.


Beyond its psychological uses, online quiz personalities are an excellent way to create lead gen. Nobody wants to be treated the same way. Generic marketing is costly and can put off potential customers. However, when you ask a few questions, the content creator collecting responses will send follow-up emails tailored to your specific personality. 

This marketing funnel can also help your lead capture. Incorporating a lead generation form will enable your personality quiz to grow your email list. 


Interactive content is one of the best ways to generate leads. Online personality quizzes are far more memorable than other content. Each question leads the audience through to the next step in an addictive manner to get their personality quiz results at the end. 

Our personality quiz builder lets you collect contact details as soon as the participant has finished the quiz. Conversion rates are much higher at the end of a personality quiz. 

Can I customise my personality test?

Yes! As each quiz taker is different, each brand is unique. You want to create a highly customised personality test to ensure your audience remembers you. Our online personality quiz maker lets you embed our templates on your website. You can choose fonts, styles, colours, buttons, logos, etc. You'll have complete creative control over your quiz form templates.

How to make a personality quiz 

Personality quiz building is easier and quicker than you think. Choose your quiz template from one of our professional options, or make your quiz from scratch. Follow our tips for building your personality quiz, and you'll have it set up and running in no time at all.

Quiz topic

Firstly, you need to decide on your quiz type. There are many types of personality quizzes, from categorising users as objects to animals. You need to determine what you want the quiz to be about. Try to link it closely to your business services to educate your audience on the products you provide. Think about a topic your audience regularly asks about.

Secondly, you need a quiz title. You want to make it eye-catching and attention-grabbing. A popular formula is using a question. Can you adapt one of the below quiz example titles?

  • What kind of [blank] are you?
  • What is your [blank]?
  • What type of [blank] is right for you?

Design your quiz

Next, you need to design your quiz. Use one of our personality test templates to get started right away. You can edit the colours, font and branding to suit your company. Remember, quiz marketing is about collecting leads and creating a positive brand association. Keep your marketing objectives in mind as you design your online personality quiz. 

The main elements you should include in your design are:

  • A quiz title
  • A cover image
  • A quiz description
  • A call to action 

Quiz results

At the end of the quiz, you'll reveal which personality result fits the participant based on score points collected. Take time to consider which types of personality you'll include. Remember your audience wants to learn something new about themselves. Ensure your results score quiz adds value.

You'll want about three to five different personality types. While you can create as many responses as you want, too many might unnecessarily complicate the quiz. The trick is to keep it simple but ensure variety. 

Try to define your personality types before you write questions.

Quiz questions

Now, it's time to create the question types. For ease, most personality quizzes use multiple-choice questions. Make sure your question types are enjoyable throughout the quiz. Otherwise, your audience will drop off before receiving their quiz results. 

Write your survey questions with a real person or two in mind. Think about what they might enjoy. This helps you avoid being overly generic. Keep your answer options similarly unique and personal.

Quiz logic

Your quiz questions and answers will help you design your quiz logic. For example, If the respondent answered:

  • The second option in five of the questions
  • The third option in three of the questions
  • The fourth option in two of the questions

In this case, the respondents choose mostly option two. Therefore, when assigning points, their answers would suggest they're personality two. Make sure every question correlates to every personality type to make it more engaging. 

Grow your email list

The best way to optimise your efforts is to use your personality quiz to grow your email list. Once the quiz ends, you want to collect leads. To improve conversion rates, ask for email addresses before revealing personality types. You could even send quiz results via email to generate as many leads as possible. Our online quiz maker comes with lead generating form builders.

Promote your quiz 

Finally, you'll need to promote your quiz on your social media to attract a wider audience and send leads to your website. Embed your quiz on your website and share the direct link on your social media channels. The best thing about social media is that it makes content reach further. Quizzes are easy and fun to share. You just need to attract a few participants before it takes off on its own. 

Make personality quizzes with Campaignware

Campaignware has a variety of templates to create a personality quiz for your website. Our form builder will help you create registration forms at the end of your quizzes to improve lead capture.